2022 Projects

We are proud to announce this year’s projects to these deserving non-profits.

The projects outlined below is what was submitted by the non-profit. Scope of work may change during the weekend as time permits.

Affinity Project

The Affinity Project was created to provide community support to veterans enrolled in the Cincinnati VA PTSD and TBI residential treatment programs. Veterans come from all across the United States to participate in the
seven-week intensive treatment programs and we want these veterans to know they are not alone.

We want to build a website for Affinity Project. This website would enable veterans and the community to see the calendar of events, to read a recap or description of recent activities, to look at veterans’ artwork, to link to
educational resources, and to make a donation.

EPIC House

EPIC House is a small nonprofit with an important impact. An update of the EPIC House website would allow us to better communicate with our community and potential supporters about the work we do.

From Fatherless to Fearless

From Fatherless to Fearless’ mission is to empower and equip teen girls (14-18 years old) with strained or absent father relationships on their journey to healing and wholeness. Our primary goals for the organization are to:

  • Double the number of girls impacted annually for the next three years
  • Increase technology usage for program attendance and pre- and post-surveys
  • Increase communication to funders, donors, and others on program impact

This system allows students to take pre- and post-program surveys via a QR code or link. It will automatically change the student’s name to a code to protect their identity. It will also allow facilitators to take attendance, control survey redistribution if needed, and produce graduation certificates for students who attend 70% or more classes. It will retain the information for an extended time. It will allow administrators to pull reporting by demographic, cohort, question, etc., for grant funders, donors, and others quickly and efficiently.

The Live Like Maya Foundation

Our organization’s mission is to support families locally who have children battling cancer and to fund valuable pediatric cancer research.

Our donors obviously are our most important asset, and being able to communicate with them and show them our appreciation is of utmost importance. But I struggle with tracking them and keeping track of our top donors.

Motherless Daughters Ministry

The Motherless Daughters Ministry is a 501-3(c) non-profit, faith-based organization dedicated to serving women who have lost or missed the nurturing care of a mother. We fulfill our mission by freeing women from the bondage of grief and loss through self-discovery, understanding how loss has shaped their lives, and by empowering them to journey towards healing themselves, and helping others.

The Motherless Daughters Website’s Digital Memorial Wall is a secure page designed for those who have lost their mothers or those who wish to honor the women who have shined light on their path. Our wall has a graphic style, rotating brick with the name of the person being honored. When the brick rotates you will see a dedication or memorial written about them. In the future, we would like to have an interactive map so you could click on a location and see those who were remembered and memorialized. This would be easy for us to maintain, etc. It would be a secure page. As we brainstormed about this it seems that it would take a website designer, animation, html code and a graphic designer.